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Are you a YouTuber, Twitcher, or Podcaster? Do you want to be apart of a growing content creating community? Then join the Epic Geeks Network! Our aim is to create a community of gamers to play games, have fun and grow together.

We are looking for content creators linked to any kind of geekiness, the geekier the better! In exchange for being apart of Epic Geeks we can offer gaming codes to review before release, press tickets for gaming conventions and fun times!

We are not the usual network, we cannot offer money (yet) but we know how difficult it is to grow a channel on your own, All of us here at Epic Geeks were struggleing to get our content noticed, but together we can create more content, and work together to improve the quality and grow the network. Pool your resources with us and together we can grow stronger and have fun along the way!

We are apart of the Freedom network and as such we get a small monthly income from advertising on our YouTube channel, this helps to pay for expenses like Podcast feeds and the upkeep of the website. In the future we hope to grow large enough to be able to pay our content creators. So join us today and be apart of a growing network of geekiness!

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