What is Epic Geeks I hear you cry - that is a very good question! Thankfully you found our 'about us' page which will tell you all about us! Handy that!


We are a bunch of Geeky Gamers who love nothing more than videoing ourselves playing computer games, scribbling down notes here about them and blabbing about them on a podcast! We want to create an Epic Geeks community with an aim of creating a community of gamers to play games, have fun and grow together.


Here is a rundown of the team, and what we do - yadda yadda - if you are not interested please leave this page immediately and go take a look at something far more interesting!

The Epic Geeks Team







What We Do
Find our vlogs and gaming content on our youtube channel. Our podcasts can be found on iTunes, Podkicker, Soundcloud and Stitcher, or direct from our RSS feed.

The Epic Geeks Podcast

Geeky gamer news and banter for gamer geeks by gamer geeks. 

The Geeks of Azeroth Podcast

A podcast deditaced to Blizzard entertainment and their plethorer of games.

Let's Talk Geekdom

From comicbooks, to movies, cosplay and board games this podcast is all things geek.

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